what I wish I knew when I was 18

Age has a way of making you grow up.With age comes those experiences some good and other so not welcome ,but at the end of it all there is an experience,a tear shed,a heartache, an injury or you think of it.You know what youvegone though in the past.All this has made me think a lot about my life and what i have done,have you ever been like “i wish i knew this earlier i could have done this diffrently.”With all these said i just recently realised something and wished i could learn what i know then.

Fact:When youre18,youre probably just a recent highschool leaver and at very excited to try out everything.But sadly it is the stage where kind you can build something for yourself or waste your time doing nothing just like i did .Since Kenya we are right now is a bit tough i just realised there are ways i could have made my life eassier and i am almost smacking myself  as i write this.One thing i wish i knew is that at 18 there are  actually so many institutions offering scholarships for recent highschool graduates just google it ad see for yourself.Another thing i found is something called Au Pairing,it gives you a chance to live abroad ,learn new languages and gain new experiences and the most interesting part is that you get paid for this.





My pr experience as an ongoing student

My Pr experience has been one of a kind to say the list.Its diversity makes it more interesting and i can not begin to state how many roles a pr personnel can do in an oganisation.Suddenly all the things you learn in class start to make sense and  gives you a dejavu moment.I am glad i chose to stick to the PR ,i dont think there is no other coursese i would rather do in campus.

importance of reading/learning continuously


For the past few months I have been going through different articles, short stories ,fiction non fiction and real life and came to a conclusion that, it is very beneficial.I know what some of you may be wondering .Why read something that isn’t of any value to you ,its like an accountant spending his free time reading articles and trending news about the agricultural sector.one may be so quick to judge this as a waste of time because they don’t have the patience to stick around long enough to see if it is actually beneficial or not.I started reading about three months ago but ironically,out of depression.I cut everyone out and my gadget turned from facilitating communication to entertainment.I read the first book and I couldn’t believe i had spent a whole day reading and forgot about the outside world.Months later, this turned into a hobby and i now i am learning my second language.At some instance the reading proved to be useful as it expanded how i associated with everyone else.somehow reading about so many law stories i could now stay a float with the massive jargon they used whenever i visited my aunt in the office.It can shock you how much you can understand and learn from reading ,the dos and don’ts around certain people or how you’re able to understand their need even before they say it.The best about this is that it make you fit better in the society and know exactly where you fit in the social  circle.This is only the relationship building part imagine what one can do with knowledge from another field of expertise.it is  like getting two degrees at the same time.like a double agent,there are so many possibilities.Read,take a new language do something along the lines of what your interested in. always keep yourself curious and ready to learn.